Handmade Chocolate inspired by the Levant



Our made-to-order bars are handmade in micro-batches. 

Packed & shipped in a sustainable manner.


Not sure what to take,? try one of these!
It includes one of each scrumptious chocolate bar, so you can give each flavor a whirl.

What's Levantine?

The Levant is the historical-geographical term for a large area in the Eastern Mediterranean region of Western Asia(kind of like “New England” or the “Midwest”). The Levant region holds a very significant part in the evolution of human culture, it is felt by nearly everyone globally. The vivid history of the area, and the countless cultures who have resided there created a melting pot for kitchens and flavors. This salad of cultures is our goal of what to bring forward, by creating new flavourful experiences fusing together new and old.  

Who's Levantine?

Levantine Chocolate is the 1st born child of Rachel Heerter, and Yotam Arad. Rachel is a Boston-Area raised chocolatier and pastry chef. Yotam is a product designer with a background in nightlife and food business. This sweet tale began in Jerusalem, continued to Tel Aviv, and finally set down on Boston’s North Shore. Levantine Chocolate focuses on the flavors and experiences of the Levant region into a modern fashion 

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